Three Reasons to Keep Job Searching in December

It’s that time of the year … again. December has arrived and along with it, all the frenzy associated with the holiday season. It raises those age-old questions …

– Does anybody hire in December?
– What should I do about my job search?

Those answers, from my perspective, are yes and keep executing. Here is why.

Networking Opportunities Abound

Networking, which should always be a part of any job search plan, are endless over the holidays. In the relaxed festive environment, it is a great place to meet new people with the goal of following up with potentially great contacts one-on-one in January.

Although the job search scene has changed the networking landscape by moving it from making connections to asking for a job, the reality is that making connections IS the key to effective networking. Relationships matter. Making connections is the first step to building relationships that can often lead to uncovering new opportunities and referrals.

Budgeted Dollars Need to Be Spent

If dollars have been allocated and the company’s fiscal year is coming to an end on December 31, there is money in the bank that needs to be spent. Don’t let the holiday insanity cause you to become indifferent or unmotivated about your job search.

In actuality, exactly because of the perspective that “no one hires in December,” your competition may very well be lying low for the next four weeks, which can only raise your visibility. Even if a company isn’t hiring in December …

January is coming

And typically, the middle of January is a very busy time. Letting up on your search in December means you have to kick-start your search again after the first of the year. Sometimes, starting from ground zero can prove more challenging than readjusting your search goals over the holidays to ensure a constant, consistent execution.

Let me know if you help setting, navigating, or executing your job search plan so you can land that next, great, right-fitting opportunity.


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