Movin’ On

An excerpt from’s Editor Letter of September 27 says …

<< The latest CFO/Duke University Business Outlook Survey found CFOs pessimistic about the economy and reigning in spending and hiring. But a Robert Half survey suggests that might not apply to their own departments: finance hires are predicted to rise.>>

In an attempt to find more information on the site about this, I stumbled across Julia Homer’s article, “The Three–Year Itch.” It says in part,

<<CFOs (and their bosses) are vacating their offices at an alarming clip. Various surveys estimate the average tenure of a CFO at anywhere from four and a half years to a mere 17 months.>>

This kind of trending, coming directly from, should serve as a wake–up call to all senior finance executives. It is not the “good–old days” anymore where company loyalty kept you there for most of your career. In all likelihood you will be moving out of your current position, and it may be sooner than you thought.

The question becomes, will you have to hunt for your next position or will you be found as the ideal candidate?