CFOs … Learn from Social Media Thought Leaders

Todd Raphael offers insights following the recent Social Recruiting Conference at Google headquarters and a conversation with Linked In founder, Reid Hoffman. It’s an insightful article, and CFOs can certainly learn a thing or two about how recruiters are using social media to recruit. 

One of the industries that Hoffman mentions as needing to be an early adopter of social media in order to avoid being at a competitive disadvantage is venture capital. He goes on to say,

“If your business is based on talking to people you don’t know, you have to be very competent with these tools….”

I agree, and, taken to the next level, managing your career is all about talking to people … many of whom you don’t know, yet … who can help you achieve your career goals. Social media is a tool for doing just that.

One of my colleagues recently mentioned a reticence on the part of her clients to build a strong online identity (digital footprint). She asked me about my finance executive clients and whether they were questioning this social media phenomenon. When clients work with me, they come in knowing that building a visible online presence is a key piece of an overall career management / job search strategy. If they don’t want to or are unwilling to do so, then I’m not the right person to work with them. 

I want my clients to be successful. Getting there requires them to embrace social media as a key strategy to achieving their goals. Read the article, and then get on board!