The Age Old Question .. To Brand or Not to Brand

Ryan Rancatore interviewed the Wine Guy, Gary Vaynerchuk on personal branding … specifically, what personal branding has meant to his career. He has some thought provoking responses and the post is certainly read-worthy. 

Take this comment, for example …

People just don’t stay in jobs as long as they used to, it just makes sense to let people know who you are beyond your job title.

Authenticity. Visibility. Credibility. Building your personal brand fosters distinction among  the targeted audience of people who need to know about you. And it takes time. Rarely does anyone become an overnight success. Rather, they spend time consistently playing in a niched space, leveraging what they do well, building an authentic reputation, and growing their network. That means, the best time to build your personal brand is when you are ensconced in a position with a move 12-18 months in the future.

As Vaynerchuk also says, 

I’d ask one of the millions of unemployed workers if they didn’t wish they had spent time building a personal brand. 

There are only so many CFO and senior-level finance positions available. Winning one of those roles means you do what the competition isn’t doing … before you need to do it. 

Great read in Today in Finance at

Two things stuck out to me in reading the article, “What You Don’t Know about Headhunters: 10 Tips" in Today in Finance at

First, recruiters are too busy to return every prospect’s phone call, but they expect prospects they call to return theirs. And sadly, that is just the way it is. If working with recruiters is one of your search strategies, and it should be, then you have to play by the rules the recruiters have written. Failing to do so could kill a crucial relationship.

Second is the comment made by Chuck Eldridge, Managing Director of the financial-officers practice at Korn/Ferry International

And, yes, do not wait until you are in trouble or transition to start calling recruiters. "It is extremely unfortunate that so many people don’t network or do it too late," says Eldridge.

Networking – with all of your contacts – is a long–term career management strategy and is most effective when you help others before you need help.

“Understanding what makes recruiters tick is a vital but often overlooked component of the job hunt.” It is also important to remember that recruiters work for a company, not for a candidate. The subtle difference is that they do not find candidates jobs; rather, they fill open positions.

Which brings me to a question. If there really is a recession looming, are you prepared for a possible job loss? Just like networking is most effective when you don’t need it, having a strategic career plan and working your plan is most effective before you lose a job. 

LYNNE WAYMON, Co-Author of Make Your Contacts Count

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