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Recruiter Relationships

A few months ago, the C-Suite Career Catalysts asked C-level and Senior Executives a few questions about their experiences working with recruiters. One of the fascinating responses came from a question about what they (Executives) value in recruiter relationships. Among … Continue reading

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Branding & Culture Fit

Those seem to be two very hot topics these days! And they are topics that are relevant to Chief Financial Officers and other Finance Leaders. A few days ago, after reading Fortune’s article, “Is it better to hire for cultural … Continue reading

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Job Boards and Senior Executives

Call me cynical but, I saw this tweet … Join this great jobs site… They have thousands of pre-screened 100K jobs – check em out  … and just had to shake my head. Job boards are to job seekers what … Continue reading

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Inbound vs. Outbound for Marketing YOU

Doug Haslam wrote a great blog post about inbound marketing, and he’s right, it has everything to do with your career. Here’s an excerpt … Inbound Marketers flip outbound marketing on its head. Instead of interrupting people with television ads, … Continue reading

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Resume Authenticity

Cathy Graham authored an informative post entitled “Living Up to Your Resume.”  While it offers a number of good insights, here’s the one I want to key in on today … because it is so critically important. Resume writing services … Continue reading

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Be a Problem Solver

I follow the Recruiter Uncensored blog, and a recent post “Pay Attention to Bad Press,”  although targeted to recruiters, contains valuable information for job search candidates. Companies are hiring CFOs and other senior executives to solve problems … not because … Continue reading

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The War for Talent, Part 2

The War for Senior Executive Talent is just beginning to heat up. Interesting, and useful, information in the CFO.com article, "Baby Boomer Brain Drain Looms." –– The long-dreaded era of Baby Boomer retirements has finally dawned, and with the oldest … Continue reading

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Some Good Folks to Know

Business Week has published The World’s Most Influential Headhunters. Do you know about them? More importantly, do they know about you? Now, before you start firing off cold resumes to these recruiters, remember … what they are most interested in … Continue reading

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Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

I’ve gotten some questions and read some articles this week about whether it is preferable to write your own resume or have a professional write it. Since I’m in the resume writing business, my answer is perhaps biased. However, permit … Continue reading

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I was reading a great article entitled “Defending the Rolodex” this morning published in FierceFinance. While the article is about the defection (or not) of an institution’s client base when an executive leaves for a new position, it got me … Continue reading

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