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CFOs and Finance Execs Recruiters Really, Really Want

  Are you one? Are you sure? –Do you bring a record of contributions? –Have you led initiatives that positively impacted the bottom line? –Is your value proposition compelling enough that a company will pay to bring you on board? … Continue reading

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Over-promoted and Over His Head

How would you like that headline to appear in the #1 slot in a Google search of your name? While this is a fictionalized story of a CFO turned CEO, could you find yourself the “victim” of digital dirt? And … Continue reading

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The Inmates Are in Charge of the Asylum

Matt Bud made this statement in one of his recent FENG newsletters. For job search candidates, it must certainly feel that way. Here you are, talented, capable, certainly qualified to do the job … and yet, you hear nothing. In … Continue reading

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