Lies and Job Search – Lethal Combination recently published “A CFO Wannabe’s Litany of Lies.” I addressed the issue of lying in a recent article, “4 Tips for Avoiding Brand Suicide.”  Here’s the relevant excerpt:

Never, ever, ever lie!

That statement seems like a no–brainer, right? Apparently not, because people are constantly making the news about careers that are ruined because someone grossly exaggerated (or flat out lied) and it caught up with them.

You may remember the high–profile MIT admissions dean who incorporated just enough untruths in her resume to undo her career. And, of course, a Notre Dame football coach gained notoriety when his lies were uncovered. And the latest tombstone to make national news was front page on Fox. Just imagine the gruesome details that would be associated with a senior–level finance executive. Remember the TV show, the “Untouchables”? It would not be pretty. (The “Litany of Lies” certainly reinforces my statement.)

The Internet serves as a lie detector, and eventually the lie will be uncovered. In the world of the global Internet, little white lies, exaggerations, and misstatements can be just as devastating as big lies.

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