What is Your Value?

Nick Corcodilos published a blog post discussing a candidate’s value. It’s very good. Two comments in particular are relevant for my CFO audience.

<<I think the big mistake people make is that they try to view their worth, or value, in absolute terms. That is, they think there’s a number — a certain amount of money, or a money range — that they deserve based on their experience, credentials, knowledge, skills and so on.>>

The vast majority of resumes that cross my desk from Chief Financial Office prospects are focused on duties, responsibilities, skills, and key words. It is so incredibly difficult, if not outright impossible, to compete on those things. And none of those, in and of themselves, establish your value or your worth.

<<I think value and worth are in the eye of the beholder. It’s why sales people exist! Their job is to make something they’re selling seem more valuable to you so that you’ll pay more to get it.>>

While not always easy for Finance Executives, this is actually the key to establishing your marketable value AND differentiation from your competition AND positioning for a top-tier compensation package. Your value lies in your ability to solve problems and deliver tangible impacts.

Establish your value, both in your verbal and written messaging, by first identifying your problem-solving abilities – how have you resolved a company’s issues, situations, challenges – and then detailing the tangible impact that allowed the company to achieve its goal, avoid impending negative outcomes, or mitigate or eliminate potential risks.

Every time you speak from the place of solving problems and delivering impacts, your value – in the eyes of prospective companies – is solidified. It is not about “what” you do … it is about “how” you do what you do.

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