[The referral I sent you] did land a job as Chairman and CEO [in three weeks]. You really helped him out.
Bruce B.
Chief Executive Officer

LANDED! Thanks again for all your help. Your resume assistance and interviewing techniques definitely helped in my process.
Doug H.
CFO, Assisted Living Facility

Your resume is excellent! Cindy knows exactly what the interviewer is looking for – results and the facts surrounding the result.
Margaret Ralph, Recruiter
Margaret Ralph & Associates

Thank you so much! Your coaching has made an enormous difference in my life.
Linda M.
Structured Finance Executive

Thank you again for your your precious help with my resume: the results speak for themselves, as I am switching companies and am taking a VP position in a nice mid-cap in a couple of weeks…
Phillip L.

Linked In Recommendations

After 30 years in business and 15 years in executive management I realized I had never managed my career. I hired Cindy as a coach and brand strategist to help me repackage and reposition my career in line with current market trends. She taught me an incredible amount about the digital age and establishing my own digital footprint and personal brand. She is very knowledgeable, articulate, funny and refreshing. Her review process is exhaustive which helped tremendously in honing my value proposition. I highly recommend Cindy.” 
Mike Hart
Chief Financial Officer

I engaged Cindy Kraft because I want to remain at the top of my game and be up-to-date with where the finance field is going. Even though I’m not on the market for a career change, Cindy taught me the benefits of career branding and how my strong brand would give my employer credibility in the marketplace. She put me through the most thorough skills assessment I had ever seen and I learned so much about myself through the process. Cindy truly is an expert in professional branding and the time I spent working with her is one of the most meaningful things I have ever done for my career.”
Ben Paramore
Chief Financial Officer

Cindy is an extremely knowledgeable career coach and counselor. She does a good job of helping individuals lay out a plan not only to connect with others when they are in a job search, but to maintain those networking activities for the future. Cindy is very responsive and is always prepared to answer questions when needed. I would highly recommend her services.

Patrick Min
Chief Financial Officer

Cindy is an experienced career resource who genuinely cares about her clients’ success. She always under-promised and over-delivered. I came to rely on Cindy’s counsel heavily and would recommend her to any senior finance executive.

Steve Boyd
Chief Financial Officer

Cindy’s expertise is helping clients identify their own professional strengths and learn the skill sets necessary for efficient job searching, interviewing, and contract negotiation. She uses a real world, no-nonsense, data-driven approach and moves forward at the client’s pace. Well worth the investment!

Susan Cross 
Senior Marketing Executive

I highly recommend Cindy’s Resume and Coaching services. She’s the ultimate professional where every “i “is dotted and every “t “is crossed. Cindy has been very instrumental in assisting me in crafting an effective re- write of my resume loaded with distinct value prepositions. I’ve received many inquiries from recruiters and companies. As a matter of fact, a number of recruiters have commented that the “bio and resume are excellent”. Also, her insightful coaching has enabled me to put together a good cohesive job search campaign as well.

Stan Wyngowski 

Other Success Stories

Cindy provided me with exactly the help I needed, not simply re-writing my resume (which she did extremely well), but also taking the time to understand my career goals, and helping me design a marketing strategy that aligned with my goals. She has a terrific sense of personal branding, and how to create a “presence” that makes me more visable and desirable to recruiters and hiring companies. Throughout the process, I felt I had a friend and ally in my corner.

Bob L.
Corporate M&A Executive

Cindy helped me develop a top-notch resume that led to an interview and subsequent position as the Director of Finance with a leading worldwide manufacturer and marketer of PC components and networking equipment …. I’d highly recommend Cindy to other senior professionals who are looking for a top quality product.

Steve P.
Director of Finance