C-Tweeting for CFOs

I love the micro-blogging platform of Twitter.  While my CFOs have been slow to adopt this technology, those of you who do will be seen as much more cutting-edge. Whether your tweets are external with other thought leaders, customers or clients, suppliers, and competitors or internal with senior staff and employees, being an early adopter can differentiate and distinguish you from the competition. 

Because of my strong opinions about the benefits of Twitter, the topic was included in my keynote presentation at Prophix. Here’s an excerpt:

But seriously, even in a small company, executives can be cut off from their most important constituencies, such as employees and customers. Corporate leaders can use Web 2.0 tools, like Twitter, not only to communicate but also to learn from employees, suppliers, customers, competitors, and the public. Many corporations spend large sums to determine how they are viewed. Plugging into the blogosphere or listening to feedback on Twitter … offers a more effective and cost-efficient customer relationship management strategy.

And upon my return, I stumbled across this great article from a CEO who tweets. Read it, and then get active in the twit-o-sphere!