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Is There a “CFO” List?

Negative publicity is still publicity, right? Not in my book. Once we form a negative opinion about a company or brand, it takes monumental effort to have our perspective altered. Unfortunately, sometimes we deal with those companies and brands anyway … Continue reading

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Four Things Jobseekers Can Learn From Recruiters

Who better for passive and active job search candidates to learn from than one of recruiting’s foremost thought leaders? Kevin Wheeler’s latest article was on the 4 things recruiters should have learned this year and, it’s a wealth of information … Continue reading

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Linked In Recommendations

One of my readers asked some great questions in response to my post about the value of Linked In, specifically relating to adding recommendations. Here is the excerpt containing his questions … Of those supporters (particularly European-based), one common thread … Continue reading

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The Inmates Are in Charge of the Asylum

Matt Bud made this statement in one of his recent FENG newsletters. For job search candidates, it must certainly feel that way. Here you are, talented, capable, certainly qualified to do the job … and yet, you hear nothing. In … Continue reading

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Be a Problem Solver

I follow the Recruiter Uncensored blog, and a recent post “Pay Attention to Bad Press,”  although targeted to recruiters, contains valuable information for job search candidates. Companies are hiring CFOs and other senior executives to solve problems … not because … Continue reading

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Executive Recruiting for Leaders

David Perry generously offered me the opportunity to read his latest book, “Executive Recruiting for Leaders.” You may recall that he is the much–talked–about and well–known author of “Guerilla Marketing for Job Hunters.” What I love about David’s latest book … Continue reading

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