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Rejection and the Job Search Process

Nine years ago I wrote an article about the train wreck known as the job search process. Not much has changed since then. In fact, last week a Director of Recruiting & Training, who just happens to be in the … Continue reading

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Disclose Salary? Never, Sometimes, or Always?

There is so much confusion around when executives should or should not disclose salary. I see the salary questions posed on Linked In (have you joined our CFO careers group yet), on Quora, in recruiter and career practitioner forums, and … Continue reading

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Unemployed vs. Passive in the Job Search

Is there a difference in the mindset of a candidate who is unemployed and conducting a job search – and – a passive candidate exploring new opportunities? I’d say many times the difference is actually a wide chasm. CFO Innovation … Continue reading

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Branding Speaks to Culture Fit

My clients know that I believe authentic branding speaks directly to culture fit. And prospects who talk with me will hear me say … When you’ve made it to the top 3 candidate list, your ability to do the job … Continue reading

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Make a Lasting Impression by Being First … or Last!

In many things, including interviewing, there is a principle called the “first and last bias.” Have you heard of it? As humans, we tend to weigh more heavily the information given at the beginning and the end of presentations. That’s … Continue reading

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Lessons from Leaders

One of the most interesting panels at the recent CFO Core Concerns conference was the one offering lessons from some of the country’s most fascinating, and perhaps less known, leaders. Take Jackie Berry, for instance. She is the CFO / … Continue reading

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What Recruiters Want

I’m just back from an amazing industry conference of Career Thought Leaders. There were some great presenters and some equally great conversations with non-presenters … and I learned from both! For me, one of the most interesting presentations was by … Continue reading

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Non-Social Social … the New Norm?

My son-in-law and I were spending some time bonding on Saturday, interacting together while simultaneously checking our crackberries. Our society is quickly moving towards being non-socially social. Have you noticed how many people walk around with a beetle attached to … Continue reading

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Interview Your Future Boss?

 Should you interview your future boss? Absolutely! While it seems like a novel idea, it really isn’t. Rather, it is a strategic move … whether you are a CFO or other senior–level executive. Your ability to ask great questions of … Continue reading

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Dr. Sullivan calls it “Speed Interviewing,” based on the speed dating concept, but whatever it’s called, from a candidate's perspective it is the skill of stripping down a marketable value proposition to its most succinct and compelling delivery. Malcolm Gladwell … Continue reading

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