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Kind or Nice

One of the members of the Linkedin CFO Careers group posted an article by Harvard Business Review on always being kind, but not always being nice to your employees. What good insights! And sometimes, it is very difficult to choose … Continue reading

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CFO Turnover is on the Rise

It seems as though the days, months, and yes, years, of CFOs hunkering down and waiting out the storm are over. This is true for CFOs individually, as well as companies and Boards who were nervous about replacing a finance … Continue reading

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How Fast Do You Fail?

It’s a serious question. Do you fail quickly, recognize what you might be doing wrong, and then move on? Or, do you keep doing the same thing even when your results are not what you want, hoping today will be … Continue reading

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Out with the Old, In with the New … Maybe

December 31, 2009. The end of a decade. The last two years alone may have seemed like a decade to many who find themselves among the unemployed. Tomorrow heralds a new decade and the opportunity to do something new and … Continue reading

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FBSoP is NOT a Good Career Strategy

A gentleman who requested my article, “5 Easy Ways to Beef Up Your Linked In Profile,” wrote to let me know that he appreciated the recommendations in the article.  But … He also went on to say that although he … Continue reading

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