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Chief Financial Officer of …. ?

What should CFOs put on their business cards when / if they find themselves unemployed? A power branding statement speaks to a candidate’s value rather than highlighting the lack of a job title. Continue reading

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Your Brand (Image) Precedes You

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed many more of my CFO clients choosing branding packages over the standard marketing document packages. Then, as usually happens before I write a blog post, a couple of things along that line caught … Continue reading

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CFO Resumes … More than just pretty

One of Matt Bud’s recent editorials in the FENG (Financial Executives Networking Group) newsletter was entitled, “Paint a Pretty Picture". He was primarily talking about resume aesthetics but he also said this, which is my point. “… it breaks my … Continue reading

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A Gasoline Rag Tune Up

Some of you may recognize the name Matt Bud. If you don’t, he is the Chairman of The Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG). Several times a week, he emails a newsletter containing an editorial he writes. This is his most … Continue reading

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The Inmates Are in Charge of the Asylum

Matt Bud made this statement in one of his recent FENG newsletters. For job search candidates, it must certainly feel that way. Here you are, talented, capable, certainly qualified to do the job … and yet, you hear nothing. In … Continue reading

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Welcome CFOs!

Corporate Finance Executives You have achieved a high level of career success in a world where integrity, confidentiality, clear value, and great service are expected, even demanded. You have succeeded because you understand the rules of the game and you … Continue reading

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What Does Your Resume Say About You?

If you are a finance executive and you are NOT a member of the Financials Executive Networking Group, you are missing out on a wealth of information … delivered right to your email box several times a week and containing … Continue reading

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Who Owns Your Linked In Profile?

I received an email from a FENG member last week. I spoke to his Orlando group a few weeks ago, and one of the talking points was around the importance of having a digital footprint. Of course, that included having … Continue reading

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