Zoom Into Visibility

According to a recent statistic I read in the ERE daily, ZoomInfo is used by the top 10 executive search firms and more than 20% of Fortune 500 companies to meet their hiring needs.

In a teleseminar seminar by Marketing Professionals, branding guru William Aruda offered these updated statistics …

–87% of recruiters use Google to source candidates, and even HR is using Google to evaluate potential candidates

–35% of the 86% said they eliminate candidates based on what they find (or do not find), up from 26% last year

–23% of corporate employees Google each other

As I've mentioned in previous posts, building a visible online presence that brands you as unique and valuable is going to continue to be an effective job search strategy.

Look at it this way. Think of the job search as a football field. When you are  primarily playing the posted position game in the job boards, it is as if all the players from both teams are crowded into the end zone. Your chances of being "found" depend on where you are standing.

On the other hand, the rest of the field, 100+ yards, are empty. Being visible online means that you get to play in the very less crowded, very less competitive 100+ yards … which means your chances of being found are significantly improved.

What are you doing today to increase your visibility online?