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How Do You Want to be Known?

A good article on defining your leadership brand was recently published in Harvard Business Review. The five steps offered are truly anything but easy. But, isn’t that the case with most things that are worth doing? One key step that … Continue reading

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The Lure of Google and Starbucks

I’ve been snooping in the recruiter’s world again. I love understanding their thinking so I can leverage what they’re doing to better position my clients. A new article by Kevin Wheeler, Why Google or Starbucks, has great insight into the … Continue reading

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CareerXroads Source of Hire Study

CareerXroads conducts an annual study on methods company use for sourcing candidates. It’s an interesting read and I’ve highlighted, and commented on, a couple of important findings below. ––Personal referrals from employees, vendors, alumni, customers, and friends is the #1 … Continue reading

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The Buzz about NotchUp

NotchUp is making the rounds in the career industry … a new and innovative way of finding those top performing candidates every employer covets. Whether you buy into its philosophy or not, it’s a hot topic. I recently read an … Continue reading

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A Business Plan for Your Career

It was a very interesting discussion in the CFO–Career–Forum yesterday. Recruiter Tim Norstrem and I were discussing the merits of having a career management plan … a business plan for your career. Tim suggested that your plan should include ––a … Continue reading

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