It IS More Than Just Semantics!

If you have to qualify a statement with the word, “technically,” then, at least in a job search, you have probably crossed the line.

Mark Haluska, Founder and Executive Director of Real Time Network talks about a candidate who repeatedly answered “yes” to the question, “Are you employed.” When it got down to offer time, the background check revealed he had actually resigned 3 weeks earlier. When asked about this discrepancy, the candidate said “technically” he was still employed because he still had vacation time left. 

The moral of this story … The truth will always come out. When it does, it will burn you … because, it really is much more than just semantics. If you can't be honest upfront, employers worry what else might get fudged down the pike.

First Bear Stearns, Now Lehman

These kinds of corporate crumblings are a strong reminder of the importance of proactively managing your career. Many of Lehman's employees left work on Friday afternoon believing that things would be okay. Instead, bright and early Monday morning they were forced to pack up their desks and hit the street. Most were undoubtedly completely shocked, not to mention utterly unprepared, for such devastating news.

Sadly, in addition to a tough and probably long job search, they now have the stigma of “unemployed” to add to their challenge.