The Election is Over … Now What?

When I had lunch with my recruiter friend and colleague last week, the conversation inevitably turned to politics and how the current economic state and upcoming elections were impacting executives and their companies.

Both of us noticed similar patterns … companies and their leadership were in a hold pattern.

–Companies were unsure about hiring or spending their cash reserves because of the uncertainty of the tax structure being extended or a huge tax increase being imposed, as well as the the rising costs of health care.

–Finance executives, who had finally pulled themselves out of an 18-month lull in order to see what other opportunities were available during the first 8 months of this year, had gone relatively quiet over the past two months.

So, the election is over, now what?

–What does it mean to your company for the rest of the year and the first quarter of 2011? Will your company be hiring? Expanding? Or, is it still a wait-and-see until the lame duck Congress reconvenes?

–What does it mean to you professionally? Will you be hunkering down a while longer or do you have a plan in place and you’re continuing to execute that plan regardless of the current economy?

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