The Most Connected Man on Earth is in the Forum

I am so excited that Ron Bates will be joining us in the Forum on February 19 at 4:00 p.m. Eastern. And you might be, too when you find out who he is!

Ron is a Search Consultant with Executive Advantage Group’s Silicon Valley Office. With +35,000 direct contacts across multiple on-line professional networking platforms, Ron has been referred to as "the most connected man on Earth." You can view his detailed networking profiles on LinkedIn and Ecademy.

Many of you who were kind enough to participate in the research survey mentioned Linked In and networking as some of your challenges. For example, a few didn’t really understand the importance of being on Linked In or, they were on Linked In but didn’t really know how to use it or, want more networking connections and would like to understand how Linked In can help increase connectivity and visibility.

Well, from a career perspective, who better to ask than “the” most–connected person who just so happens to be an Executive Recruiter. Ron is not only knowledgeable about Linked In, he is knowledgeable about how recruiters use Linked In and he is a great person to add to your network.

If you are a member of the CFO–Career–Forum, log in and register today for our conversation on February 19 at 4:00 Eastern. If you are not a member of the CFO–Career–Forum but you are a senior-level finance executive and want to join the call … register here! If you are not available at 4:00 p.m. Eastern on February 19, the call will be recorded, but you must register in advance to receive the recording.

Additionally, we want Ron to answer YOUR questions about Linked In. Please email those to me at prior to the 19th (the earlier the better so we can get them in the queue) or IM them to me during the call at Coach Cindy.