Do CFOs Need a Digital Footprint?

The CFO Strategist makes a compelling case for CFOs to have a visible online presence in his article, "Are Resumes Still Relevant." It’s what I tell my clients, too, and why I’m so passionate about my clients proactively positioning themselves for that next opportunity … while they are still employed.

One of the very best ways to position yourself as a subject matter expert (that 3-dimensional problem solver he mentions) is by blogging. First, not many CFOs have their own blogs, so that already differentiates you from your peers. Second, by understanding what is unique and marketable about you and then putting that message out to the world, not as a salesman but as an industry leader, you are authentically expanding your credibility and visibility. 

At minimum, a compelling and complete profile on Linked In is today’s executive portfolio. The social media trend isn’t going anywhere but up. You can either embrace this web technology, or be left in the dust. Does it matter how great you are, if no one outside of your company knows about you? It probably won’t when it comes to attracting that next great opportunity before you find yourself in active job search mode.

While I disagree with his comment that resumes are going the way of the 8-track tape, I do believe they are morphing into marketing/positioning documents that look less and less like traditional resumes. Today, it’s all about what you bring to the table that a company is willing to pay (big bucks) to get.

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