Certified Social Sourcing Recruiter (CSSR)

Did you know such a certification existed?  I didn’t …. but I’m not surprised. I’ve been saying for years that social networking is a career management strategy that is not only here, but critical to overall career success.

Here are a couple of quotes from an article I just read on Fistful of Talent that you might find interesting:

— … how can I use it [social networking] to effectively bring myself to people?

The old definition of networking is “who do I know.” Today, it has been redefined to “who knows about me” … or … “who needs to know about me.” Social networking ensures those people who need to know about you, do know about you.

–Not only did I learn how I can, indeed, use Twitter to actively source candidates, but we also played around in some tools that help you search.  

Twitter. To source candidates. Are you still avoiding Twitter?

–Also…have you ever considered X-raying Facebook

Now, I don’t know what “x-raying Facebook” is … and Jason Pankow doesn’t explain it, but I do know that being on Facebook expands your digital footprint so you can be found by those who are looking [the new definition of networking].

Great class for people serious about social recruiting.

Finance executives who aren’t using social media to build a visible online presence risk extinction. Yes, it is that important!