Should You Accept a Verbal Job Offer?

Fistful of Talent is one of the blogs I regularly follow. Since it is written by thought-leaders in the recruiting industry, it helps me stay abreast of trends and ideas.

In a recent post, Jessica Lee, Senior Employment Manager for APCO Worldwide, wondered aloud why candidates were so skittish to accept a verbal job offer by a corporate (translation in-house) recruiter. Her thought process is admirable … she obviously operates from a position of integrity and honesty. Her follow-up question near the end of the comments …

The bigger question still for me is… as recruiters or hiring managers, why are you making job offers that aren't going to come through?

… I think confirms my assessment of her.

However, stuff happens. And in today‚Äôs economy, my advice as a career coach is to NEVER resign a position unless and until you have a written, signed offer that outlines every agreed-to detail. 

Both the post and the comments are interesting, and a good read.