The Lure of Google and Starbucks

I’ve been snooping in the recruiter’s world again. I love understanding their thinking so I can leverage what they’re doing to better position my clients.

A new article by Kevin Wheeler, Why Google or Starbucks, has great insight into the escalating trend of employment branding. Candidates can learn much about branding themselves from reading what companies are doing to attract the “right” candidates.

Wheeler’s five keys for building a powerful corporate brand also apply to building your executive brand:

Gain perspective and know yourself. Brands are not marketing spin. They are authentic … taking what is unique about you and leveraging that uniqueness to illustrate how you have created success.

Define the promise. What will a company get from hiring you?

Develop a strategy. Just because you wake up one day and decide you are a “visionary adept at transforming vision into profits” doesn’t make it true. First you need to understand how others view you, how you do what you do, and then authentically live your brand.  

Create a "buzz" to communicate your brand. Who needs to know about you and how will they find you? This is all about building a visible online presence.

Measure your progress. If I was a betting girl, I would say that a branded visible presence will win over anything else … every time!

Hmmm, I’m wondering if Kevin has been reading my playbook!