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Resumes are about Strategy

Last week I was contacted by a CFO who sent me two resumes to review along with a request to talk by phone. I would normally just do an email review on one of his resumes, but since he was … Continue reading

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I Can Do All Things!

Unless you are Superman, those words will probably work against you rather than for you … particularly when searching for that next finance executive position. From my perspective, here are the top three reasons why … Jack-of-all-Trades, Master-of-None … When … Continue reading

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Brand vs. Non-Brand … Let the CFO Games Begin

In the article “10 Branding Trends for ’10,” marketing communications professional Francis Anderson discusses the power of consumer branding in 2010. I’ve taken a couple of his points and added personal branding commentary.  —Value is the new black: Consumer spending, … Continue reading

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Pain Talk

One of my client coaching calls yesterday afternoon was around how to answer questions in a more powerful, and succinct, manner. He is very analytical and his tendency is towards providing lots of details. The kind of details that unless … Continue reading

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What Difference Does 3% Make?

According to Peter Weddle, keynote speaker at the CMA annual conference last month, quite a bit. Robyn Greenspan, Editor-in-Chief at ExecuNet, offers this quote from Weddle in its most recent newsletter …  While 2001 sparked a jobless recovery, the current recession … Continue reading

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Why Employees Are Like Napkins

In a recent CFO.com article entitled “Why Employees Are Like Napkins,” Jeff Higgins, Executive Vice President of Client Services, North America for Infohrm, and former CFO of Klune Industries, responds to a question about layoffs with this comment: Employees are … Continue reading

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