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Can a Fractional CFO Return to Corporate?

Last week I posted a Q&A with Todd Serulneck on his decision to take a career path as a fractional CFO. At the end of our conversation, he flipped the table and asked me a futuristic question. Is it possible … Continue reading

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CFO Contingency Plan

Or, Redundancy-Proofing. Or, Career Survival Plan. Whatever the name, the result is the same … ensuring that in these tough, very competitive times you don’t find yourself on the street before you start looking for your next position. As the … Continue reading

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Career Lessons Learned from Jack

In addition to being a crazed Gator fan (is it football season yet?), I’m also a Hallmark movie mush. Yes, I admit it.  And yesterday I caught up on a few of my DVR’d flicks, including “Jack’s Family Adventure.”  Jack … Continue reading

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Recruiting Game-Changers

As much as I detest pro-sports (with the exception of the “BroncoGators”) and particularly the whole LeBron hoopla, I could not pass up Dr. Sullivan’s article without commenting. If you’re a game-changing finance executive or CFO, the article is well … Continue reading

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Growth Strategies … Business & Career

Sometimes the whole “managing a career” process just seems confusing, baffling, and maybe even unnecessary to CFOs. Today, more than ever, it is definitely necessary, and it does not need to be confusing or baffling.  Run your career like you … Continue reading

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Inbound vs. Outbound for Marketing YOU

Doug Haslam wrote a great blog post about inbound marketing, and he’s right, it has everything to do with your career. Here’s an excerpt … Inbound Marketers flip outbound marketing on its head. Instead of interrupting people with television ads, … Continue reading

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Is Your Career Like a Leaky Faucet?

One of my Twitter CFO friends, Scott McPherson, blogged about the leaky faucet concept in businesses. It just so happened that I read this on the same morning a plumber was heading my way to fix an annoying leak in … Continue reading

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Color Outside the Lines

Listen here …  I swear it was my elementary school teachers who unleashed the rebel in me. They were always telling me what I “couldn’t” do rather than fostering my inner passions. And coloring outside the lines is a great … Continue reading

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Over-promoted and Over His Head

How would you like that headline to appear in the #1 slot in a Google search of your name? While this is a fictionalized story of a CFO turned CEO, could you find yourself the “victim” of digital dirt? And … Continue reading

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Failing to Plan … Planning to Fail?

A finance executive called me last week because he knew that his resume was not selling value, he struggled when answering questions about his atypical career track, and he had an important interview coming up in the next couple of … Continue reading

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