Linked In – Open or Closed?

One more question from my presentation at the AFP conference in LA last week.

Should my Linked In contacts be open or closed?

Since the purpose of sites like Linked In are for business and social networking, keeping your contacts private is not conducive to getting people enthused about joining your network. My recommendation is a public profile and open contacts.

That said, I believe it is important to protect network integrity. Canned invitations from open networkers who are simply trying to add to their already huge numbers of contacts isn’t really networking, it’s rolodexing. Consider your target audience and then be discriminating in accepting and issuing personally–written invitations.

CFO Tenure

There were some looks of incredulity in the audience as I threw out numbers related to CFO tenure during my presentation at the AFP Conference last Tuesday. Here’s another recent article that supports those numbers. Shocking isn’t it? CFOs generally move faster then CIOs and CEOs. Which means, …

Senior finance executives need to embrace the “I’m between searches” mentality and always, always, always be prepared for their next move … before they find themselves kicked to the curb and their marketability negatively impacted.