CFOs … Linked In … and, Branding

Chris Muccio’s latest blog post, “Five Ways to Exhibit Your Brand on Linked In” is a good read for every CFO. And it should be a good read since the book Chris recently co-authored, “42 Rules for 24 Hour Success on LinkedIn,” reached best-seller status on Amazon. Congrats, Chris!!

But I digress.

In his blog, Chris says this …

To be upfront, branding is not my expertise.

… and so, I’m kicking open the door to add my two cents to his post. 

Branding is NOT who you think you are. Branding IS the perception of you held by others. If, for example, you are a CFO and believe yourself to be a visionary leader but your staff, peers, and bosses view you as a detailed, bean counter … what are you really?

So while I do believe doing a self-analysis as Chris suggests (expertise, 3 adjectives) is necessary, without the input of others who know you and interact with you, your data is incomplete.

You can get a complimentary 360 assessment at ReachCC. Tell them the CFO-Coach sent you!

Take Your Cue from the Top

Want to position yourself to climb the corporate ladder? Establish yourself as an A–Player and then groom the rising stars on your staff to follow in your footsteps!

In a recent article from, the writer says …

<<The executives interviewed in the study avidly practice strategic workforce management. Sophisticated tools for critical HR activities, such as succession planning, 360-degree feedback and talent development, are widespread throughout their companies.>>

Talent management is critically important for companies today. Recruiting is expensive and a wrong hire has a ripple effect throughout the organization. The flip side is losing top talent to a competitor.

For you, as a Senior Finance Executive, effective talent management involves learning each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, setting them up to be successful by leveraging their strengths, and then mentoring them to follow you up the ladder.

Mentoring others doesn’t always come easily to analytically–oriented Finance Executives. The ability to effectively identify, groom, and promote top talent can become part of your unique value proposition as you set your sights on the top job.

If you are interested in learning more about how you are perceived by those with whom you work, serve, and play, contact me about conducting your own 360–degree assessment.