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Recently Kristin Todd of the CFO Leadership Council (a group I love and would encourage you to join if you are a CFO or aspiring Finance Chief) published a synopsis of a March panel discussion on CFO career management.

It is in my nature to have an opinion, so … here is my 2 cents about branded positioning for Finance Chiefs.

Positioning vs. Branding

While the word “brand” is used quite frequently these days, there is a difference between “brand” and “branded positioning.”

Branding is how others see you as it aligns with how you see yourself. If you believe you are a visionary leader but your team sees you as an obsessive micro-manager … who are you really? In your own mind you can be whomever you want, but the reality of your brand is –also and very importantly– how it aligns with how you are viewed by others.

Unless a CFO is within a few years of retirement, I do not believe it is ever too late to begin the process of identifying and leveraging one’s “branded” positioning. What is unique about how you do what you do will always differentiate you from the competition. And in the competitive world of job searching, being different from your competitors is a good thing.

Your “positioning” might be as a Technology-savvy CFO or an M&A CFO while your “branded positioning” tells how you do what you do …

– Tech-savvy CFO driving shareholder through organizational transformation

– Finance Leader creating viable impacts that transcend leadership changes

– CFO passionate about turning analysis into results and people into top-notch performers

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