Nothing gives a Chief Financial Officer or Corporate Finance Executive the competitive edge like powerfully-crafted marketing documents that convey a strong value proposition.

Your resume is excellent! Cindy knows exactly what the interviewer is looking for – results and the facts surrounding the result. Margaret Ralph, Recruiter, Margaret Ralph & Associates

Gaining clarity around a candidate’s value proposition … what you bring that a prospective company would be willing to pay to get … is an intensive process. It’s hard work. With me, it’s an intensive process. And it isn’t right for every Chief Financial Officer or aspiring Chief Financial Officer

My clients make six figure incomes and they see me as an investment to help them get what they want. They know the stakes are high and that there is an associated investment of time and money, and are willing to do the work necessary. At this point in their career, they recognize that packaging is everything … the right presentation, the right words, the right target market.

A customized, intensive process ensures my clients have the competitive marketing documents and solid value–oriented understanding to achieve differentiated positioning and visibility in the market.

A typical Chief Financial Officer who works with me on repackaging & repositioning could expect an intensive 6 to 8-week partnership that includes six coaching / strategizing sessions and culminates with a clear marketable value proposition (MVP) and the following deliverables.

  • Executive Resume with a clear ROI;
  • Two (2) Letters of Introduction;
  • Executive Profile for business networking sites; and
  • Leadership Brief highlighting case studies around critical leadership initiatives (if appropriate)

Finance Executive Help WantedIf you are ready to invest the time and effort into creating elitist positioning as a high-value Senior Finance Executive, then let’s talk.