Are you a high-value CFO or Senior Corporate Finance Executive who is ready to gain high-value positioning and visibility in this tight economy?

Great candidates with a strong, branded value proposition are still in demand. I work with a select group of very accomplished senior-level finance executives within both private and public companies who are motivated to change some aspect of their career. They might …

  • Chief Financial Officerbe visionary and innovative, a true strategic business partner, but are being strong-armed by a micro-managing CEO or a short-sighted Board;
  • have hit a point where job demands no longer fit into their lifestyle;
  • love their job but are not fairly compensated for the work they do and the contributions they deliver; or
  • have gone as far as they can in their position or with the company and are feeling stuck, dissatisfied, and restless.

Or perhaps it is as simple as the desire for an industry change, to work less hours, or do more of something they love.

Just as a high-powered marketing department makes sense for your company, individual high-end expertise in branded communication, marketing, and packaging may be right for you at this point in your career. There are only so many top-level positions available … and they go to the candidate most capable of articulating his ability to solve problems, deliver bottom-line impact, and fit with the culture of the hiring organization.

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