Job Search is Like Sales, Sort of …

A recent post on aggressive salespeople and the many across-the-board responses caught my attention. Perhaps because of the endless sales emails and phone calls I receive for products and services that have absolutely nothing to do with my business, push salespeople qualify as one of my pet peeves.

It also got me thinking about how similar being in a job search is to being a salesperson. For example …

It Requires Persistence

While other salespeople might appreciate persistence to the point of being annoying, most of the people CFOs will be reaching out to probably hold a different, and less patient, view. “No thanks” means exactly that, and pushing your unwanted and unsolicited agenda will not work in your favor.

This is where a correct mindset of job search really comes into play. While you are ultimately seeking a job, your first and primary goal is building relationships and visibility around a target audience who is in a position to hire you. So be persistent … just be persistent in the most effective way.

Building Relationships is Key

Pushing yourself, your product, or your service at someone with whom you have no relationship has a high potential to fail. The fundamental business rule that people do business with people they know, like, trust, and value is a key component to effectiveness.

Chief Financial Officers don’t have much “spare” time, which is why networking needs to become an appointment on a very busy calendar and one that you choose to keep. It will yield a greater ROI when it comes time to search for that next, right-fitting position.

Recommendations garner higher (much higher) interest among potential employers than cold-calling ever will. So don’t pitch … build!

Always Speak to the Need

Really good salespeople get this concept. Conversely, the dime-a-dozen emails and phone calls from the other sales sector are really nothing more than spam. Every savvy job search candidate, whether active or passive, needs to understand the importance of being a problem-solver who can clearly articulate his ability to solve the specific kinds of problems a company is experiencing.

Your value to a company is rooted in your problem-solving abilities, and you will be most effective when your messaging always flows from that place of value.

– Persistently build your network and visibility
– Get a recommendation to ge in the door, and
– Speak to need

and you will be well on your way to effectively selling yourself without alienating your prospects.


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Cindy Kraft is the CFO-Coach and America’s leading Career & Personal Brand Strategist for Corporate Finance Executives helping clients understand their marketability, articulate their value, and position themselves as the clear and compelling choice. She is a Certified Reach Personal Brand Strategist, Certified Reach Online Identity Strategist, Certified Career Management Coach, Certified Professional Resume Writer, and Job & Career Transition Coach. Cindy can be reached via email, by phone 813-727-3037, or through her website at

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