When Seeking a CFO Position …

… it isn’t necessarily over when you think it seems to be over.

What I mean is that there a couple of factors at play that, despite not being selected initially for a job you want, could mean the position may come into play again in the near future.

Take for example, the story about Louisville University being forced to restart its CFO search. One week before he was supposed to begin, the newly-named CFO decided not to take the job. A strong runner-up candidate, who took the extra steps to stay on the search team’s radar while reiterating his interest in the position, could be the obvious choice following a less than positive – not to mention expensive – hiring decision by the company.

The other factor is the incredibly high executive fail rate within 18 months of hire. Depending on who is doing the survey, that statistic is anywhere from 40% to 70%, with 5% failing spectacularly. While those stats can be mind numbing and frightening, the flip side is that they also present a second potential opportunity for a position with a company that is (or was) on your “crème de la crème” list. But, it requires nurturing those relationships with key decision-makers within that company so you are top of mind if/when things with its new CFO hire begin to spiral.

And finally, your position – unless it is your last before retirement – really only means you are currently not in active job search mode. In a perfect world and with good career management habits solidly in place, it would also mean that you are, always, in passive job search mode as you anticipate a smooth transition into your next dream position. Passive job search mode means you are executing two key strategies constantly and consistently … fostering a network (as opposed to growing a rolodex) and building your visibility among your targeted companies. Being pursued for your next opportunity puts you in a much greater position of power when it comes time to negotiate your compensation package.

It is the last day of January … how is your job search going?


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