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Today’s CFO

Back in April I wrote an article for Linkedin Pulse about the CFO of today and the marketability of technology CFOs.

HP Blogs posted an article about a month ago entitled “Is the CFO of 2020 Ready to Embrace Digital Transformation.” The year 2020 might seem far away, but it is zooming right at us. From a business perspective, CFOs need to be ready.

Kuddos to you if you are armed and executing the latest and greatest technology in your finance department, but what about your technology expertise from a career perspective? Your career perspective? Is your corporate technology savvy also showing up in your personal career messaging? Or is that message among your potential target audience mixed, muddied, and/or diluted?

As the competition for the Chief Financial Officer seat only becomes more and more fierce among problem-solving, value-oriented, impact-delivering Finance Leaders, your technology acumen will also matter. And social media IS a part of that acumen. Many, and in a few short years, most of your finance team will be from the most-socially-connected generation that has ever lived. Will they want to work for a throwback from the last Century?

So get your social media savvy on by …

– Getting rid of your AOL and Hotmail email address. Yahoo isn’t that much better, and all three are hacked on a regular basis. An account hack could totally derail your search efforts and is definitely not a risk worth taking.

– Moving from “Wall Flower” to “Active Participant” within Linkedin groups. Share your thought leadership by posting, comment, and interacting with others. Anybody can be a wall flower, and the majority are. It takes courage and intentionality to step out and step in to differentiating yourself through participation.

– Completing your Linkedin profile. I run a CFO-only careers group on Linkedin, requiring me to actually review profiles before approving new members. The majority of the profiles I see fall so below any kind of acceptable standard that doing this one thing – having a complete and compelling profile – will set you apart from most of your competition.

Technology … it’s for CFOs in their corporate roles AND for their career positioning.

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