It’s Not About a Resume

When prospects reach out to me, it is almost always because they need / want a resume. But it’s not about a resume. It never is. It never will be. The resume is just the end piece of a process to uncover a CFO’s marketability and value to a prospective company.


Don’t get me wrong … a resume is still necessary somewhere along the job search process, but the real value of developing a resume is in helping a client understand his potential value to a target audience and then crafting both the verbal and written value messaging to give him solid positioning.

It’s easy to write a long list of responsibilities you’ve held. It takes hard work and effort to dig down into understanding your value as a problem-solver with a track record of delivering bottom-line impacts to companies.

It is extremely difficult to compete on responsibilities. It is much easier, differentiating, and compelling to compete on value. In fact, it is also unusual … which ensures you stand out from the competition.

You do need a resume. But what you need first is value messaging. What do you have, what have you done, how have you contributed in a way that has solved a company’s problems, and delivered tangible value? Once you know that, you are ready to oust the competition and craft a powerful value-driven resume!

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