Do You Just Talk, or Walk Your Talk?

A week or so ago I saw this article in Wall Street & Technology and thought how very relevant it was to a recent conversation with a CFO job search candidate.

There are two kinds of candidates. Both might be eminently qualified for a position, but their messaging tells a different story.

First, we have the Talker …

Talker Candidates focus on what they did – responsibilities and duties. Their resume is replete with things they did and responsibilities they held in the course of their career climb. They haven’t found the value associated with the what they’ve done, and as a result, messaging is always around what they have in common with their competition … scope of responsibilities, titles through their career climb, degrees, and credentials.

Walk Your Talk
Walk Your Talk

And then there is the Walker …

Walker Candidates focus on the value they’ve delivered. What they’ve done and how they’ve delivered impact to their respective companies. Their message is centered around solving problems; resolving challenges and issues; eliminating situations; minimizing risk, implementing cost-saving controls, processes, and systems; and driving profitability … all in a measurable, tangible way.

Walker Candidates also understand that it isn’t the “end result” in isolation that is the core of their value. The end result must be delivered in context. Context is around being a problem-solver. A company hires because it has problems. The Walker Candidate effectively positions himself as the Chief Financial Officer who can solve those problems … and the proof is in his walk.

When you choose to become a Walker Candidate vs. a Talker Candidate, you will begin to see the job requisitions mentioned in the referenced article should stop being beneath you and start being the right fit for you.

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