Value, not Data

I saw an article on come through my email box this week, and a quick scan made me think about my constant evangelizing about career positioning from value rather than responsibilities. Addressing his finance staff, the CFO of Kimberly-Clark, Mark Buthman, said

a CFO “delivers insight, not data ….”

In very much the same way, from a career perspective…

A top-notch Finance Chief showcases value, not responsibilities.

What you do (responsibilities) only matters in the context of how it positively impacts a company (value). If you really want to distinguish yourself from the myriad other candidates, don’t talk about the what (responsibilities), wow them with the how (value).

– Where were you able to mitigate or eliminate potential risk?
– How did you slash costs and what did that mean to the company?
– What problems did you solve that got a company unstuck?
– What can the company now do that it couldn’t do before?

That’s value! That sells! That makes you competitive! Showing how you can take away a company’s chief pain point is power positioning!

Power Positioning
Power Positioning
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