The Value of a CPA Credential

Nothing generates responses – positive and negative, mostly the latter – like the discussion of the CPA credential. So here goes.

Perception is Everything
Perception is Everything

Perception is in the eye of the beholder. In the case of the hiring process, the beholder is the company who is hiring. The ONLY eyes that matter in the HIRING process are those belonging to the beholder (company). The company is hiring you so it has the right – good, bad, or indifferent – to decide what it perceives as necessary and required in its next Finance hire.

You, the Finance Candidate, do not have the right to determine what a company needs. You might like to have that right. You might believe you have that right. The reality is, you do not.

You can choose to get a CPA and make yourself more competitive –or– choose not to get a CPA and forever fight the perception that candidates with a CPA are more valuable. There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing not to pursue a CPA. In making that decision though, one needs to accept the reality … it makes competing against CPA Candidates much more challenging when companies list a CPA credential as a requirement of the position.

It sounds harsh and I don’t mean to be. It is a reality. The belief system of the candidate that CPA Candidates are not better than non-CPA Candidates does not matter IF a company – who is hiring – perceives otherwise.

Why, you ask, is she bringing up this painful, hotly contested, very controversial, emotion-producing topic again? Here’s why.

A recent article in Crains Detroit says …

The competition to hire CPAs in metro Detroit has heated up, and accounting professionals are in enough demand that in some instances, salaries are rising and sign-on bonuses are possible.

Where do “most” Chief Financial Officers cut their accounting and finance teeth? This article points to the reality that the CPA is far from dead and gone, replaced by other finance and accounting credentials … and I don’t think this reality is geographically limited to metro Detroit.

Let me be very clear. I do not personally believe CPA Candidates are superior to non-CPA Candidates as a general rule. I have worked with accomplished Finance Chiefs on both sides of the fence.

What I am saying is that if you don’t have a CPA, you may not be competitive for positions requiring that credential (from the company’s viewpoint). Should you successfully network your way in and find yourself with a fighting chance, you are going to have to prove your value far beyond what the CPA Candidate must do.

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