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It’s a hot topic over in the Proformative community these days. Is it cheating to have someone else write your resume? Is a resume writing service worth it?

Here’s my two cents on both questions.

Is it cheating?


I have to confess that I laughed when I read the question regarding whether or not it was “cheating” to have someone else write your resume. If putting your best foot forward means you get a haircut, purchase a new suit, whiten your teeth, and/or color the grey in your hair – aren’t all those things also cheating?

When it is time for the interview, is the due diligence one conducts also cheating since it is trying to uncover a company’s need in advance in order to tailor your message to meet that need?

Are athletes on the playing field cheating because they have a coach on the sidelines helping them play their best by identifying changes they need to make in order to perfect their moves?

Your career drives EVERYTHING else in your life including your ability to care for your family. If it is cheating to have an independent person as an advocate in order for you to step outside your own limiting paradigms and unearth, polish, and message your value … then maybe I don’t understand the definition of “cheating.”

IF – and I do mean IF – a resume writer is fabricating your value message, then yes … that is cheating. And you will fail. That should never be the outcome of working with a resume writer or career coach.

Worth it?

The consensus on Proformative is no, it isn’t worth paying a writer. How sad that so many have chosen to go the cheapest route and then come up dissatisfied. The truth is … you do get what you pay for.

If you are a Chief Finance Office or other Finance Executive and you want to pay $350 for someone else to write your resume, save your money and write it yourself. The result will be the same. If that’s the value you place on a marketing document (and ultimately your messaging) that differentiates you through value positioning, then you must not place much value on who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

Not everyone needs a third party writer. In my experience though, most do. The same way you go to someone else for a haircut and purchase rather than make your suit, those other people have a gifting and a talent you don’t … and you recognize that fact and act accordingly.

Your dream position hinges on beating out the competition with a message that flows from your ability to solve problems and deliver value. Unfortunately for many, a message founded on responsibilities – here’s what I did – is often a huge stumbling block. When you change your perspective; you change your messaging. When you change your messaging; you open doors that were otherwise closed to you. That … should make hiring a reputable writer or coach very worthwhile.

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