Success or Significance?

Forbes recently published an interview with Ed Imparato, current Chief Financial Officer of St. Dominic’s Home.

He began by talking about the impact going through operations had on his success.

Running a division taught me how to look through numbers to better understand what was driving performance. As a result, I learned to speak the language of the people who are running companies by linking performance to financial results.

I so agree. Understanding the operations component on the deeper and more intimate level that comes from being immersed in it is a valuable tool in a CFO’s career toolbox.

Mr. Imparato then went on to talk about his career in terms of the significance of what he has done. Does it matter whether what you do is significant? Do you need to be in a non-profit in order to be significant?

The choice between success or significance is a personal one, and I don’t believe it is an “either or” choice. Just like your values, it’s not a question of right or wrong but rather, what is true for you. Whether you are striving for success or significance, obtaining either will necessitate today’s marketable CFO to go through operations.

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