Upgrades Are Not Created Equally

Upgrade has become a relative term when speaking about social media platforms. And venues like LinkedIn and Facebook come immediately to mind whenever “social media” and “upgrade” are used in the same sentence. And maybe you’ve even noticed that the word upgrade is often a misnomer, since many of those so-called “upgrades” only seem to ratchet up the level of frustration of users.

Take for example the “Congratulate XXX” emails from LinkedIn that are coming fast and furious these days. The problem (and it is a problem) is that LinkedIn is reading changes to your headline as a job change. That error happens because members mistakenly use the headline as a place to restate their current job title.

If you’ve seen those emails or even been embarrassed by offering congratulations to someone who hasn’t really changed positions, only their headline –  or – you want to hear about some actual great upgraded features on Linkedin, you’ll want to read my article in this month’s Futures in Finance newsletter.

Linkedin Upgrades
Linkedin Upgrades
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