Career Management Blunders

I might be the only human in the universe who has never seen an episode of Downtown Abbey. And there’s an excellent chance I will never see one in the future. But, an article on the Great Leadership blog about Leadership Lessons from the show caught my eye. You might want to take a look.

And, with just a little word-smithing, I thought they became great career management blunders.

– Yesterday’s successes are just that  

The moment you rest on your laurels after executing a stellar initiative is the moment your competition will forge ahead of you. The moment you are no longer  a valuable, contributing member of the Executive Team, your days are numbered.

If the result of either of those two means you are now standing on the outside looking in, yesterday’s successes are trumped by the mark of “now unemployed.”

– Technology dinosaurs die with dinosaurs

Technology is here to stay. In fact, the trend among rising star CFOs is that they bring non-traditional, more tech-savvy backgrounds to the role. If you are resisting technology, including social media, and you are still holding on to your AOL email address … you might find yourself in the dinosaur boneyard sooner than you ever dreamed possible.

– Procrastination could hurt you

It’s so easy to not think about managing your career when you are gainfully and happily employed. However, that is precisely the time you need to be executing your career management strategy because your marketability will never be higher. Waiting until you “need” a job, means you compromise your powerful positioning.

Career management blunders can prove to be very costly. Don’t be caught unaware and unprepared!

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