Congrats, You’ve Got a New Job!

Perhaps because I just completed a webinar on how to more effectively use Linkedin –and– because I’ve also seen an increase in “Congratulate XXX on his new job” email messages, this article jumped out at me.

Might you be sabotaging your job hunt by incorrectly using the Headline space underneath your name on your profile? You might be if it houses your latest job title rather than a branded value statement of who you are.

It's a Headline!
It’s a Headline!

Anytime you do make dramatic changes to your profile, be sure to turn OFF your “activity broadcasts” setting so your network isn’t bombarded with updates –and– Linkedin bots don’t presume things that aren’t true but notify everyone in your network about them anyway.

You can learn about these two significant Linkedin features – and much more – in the recording of my webinar and accompanying resource, available for a limited time at the pre-event price.

What you don’t know about how you’re using Linkedin – or not using it – could be negatively impacting your job search and/or your value positioning.

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