The Branded CFO …

… is also the Chief Financial Officer who stands out from the competition with a track record of delivering value that triggers an emotional connection with the buyer (prospective company).

Needs vs. Wants
Needs vs. Wants

There are some purchases that are made out of need. Others that are made out of want or desire and perhaps, even out of covetousness (the latest and greatest technology toys come immediately to my mind). It is often want that trumps need in the purchase cycle … and that is true in hiring as well.

You might need to call a plumber to fix a slightly leaking faucet, but dollars allocated to that repair can easily be re-allocated for something that appeals to your senses or emotions, something you desire.

You might need a new car, but until that exact right car that makes you “feel” [insert appropriate word(s) here] is available, holding on to what you have, until you can purchase what you want, is often the choice.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent article called “The Power of Branding” in The Motley Fool …

A brand is what’s known as an intangible asset. Unlike a piece of machinery or a building that are generally affixed with market-bearing prices, brands are somewhat esoteric when it comes to their valuation. That’s because the brand relationship represents the emotional tie between a consumer and the brand, and emotions are a tough thing to value (I’ve learned this one the hard way — just ask my wife!)

Strong brands have strong emotional ties to their consumers, and those ties tend to be very difficult for competitors to undo.

So how does this emotional tie of branding relate to you as a differentiated, value-delivering, branded Finance Chief?

With the top three candidates all being equal in finance skills (ability to do the job), there are only two remaining questions on the table.

— Will this candidate fit with the culture of the company?
— Do I like this person?

The emotional connection of a strong and compelling brand already gives a big “yes” nod to both of those questions before the interview ever takes place. And that, is a big competitive edge in today’s fierce job market!

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