Cover Letters … Yes, You Need Them!

My column in this month’s in Futures in Finance covers the importance of having -and using- cover letters.

Cover Letters - Yes, You Need Them!

Here’s the skinny …

It is absolutely true that not every recruiter or HR person reads cover letters. But what about those who do? Is it not generally the rule in life that it is better to provide something not needed (or wanted) than to not have something available that might be a deal-breaker? For the serious job seeker, that would describe cover letters.

As with every people group, recruiters hold diverse opinions about resumes and cover letters. Since trying to be all things to all people is never a good strategy, making sure your marketing message is firmly rooted in value as a problem solver -AND- always sending a well-written cover letter IS your best strategy.

If you want to read my in-depth thoughts based on a recruiter thread on Facebook about cover letters, you’ll find my column here.

On a related note, please join me at noon Eastern on October 30 for my webcast “What Every CFO Needs in Their Career Toolbox.” You can ask your cover letter and other career-related questions during the 30-minute Q&A following the presentation.

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