It’s Tougher When You’re Unemployed

Losing your job before you have secured another job just makes the difficult job search process that much harder.

Those are not fun words. They are rarely well-received by someone who has lost his job and is currently in the hunt. But not saying them and/or not setting realistic expectations for someone who is too busy to think about his career while he’s working doesn’t change them or make them untrue.

Sadly, here is the all-too-typical story when you lose a job before you have a new job …

As happens to many Americans, when he lost his job, he lost his health insurance. He now owes $171,569.44 for the six nights he spent at the hospital.

And so on the evening of Aug. 15, at a meeting of the job club he himself started here two years ago, he told the others he was just like them. “I need a job,” he said. “I need to make money now.” [Source: New York Times]

Result: The two Ds … Debt and Desperation.

The job search process at the CFO-level is often long. Companies hire slowly and cautiously. A second round interview means just that: a second interview. It doesn’t mean a job. Same for a third round. In fact, what it often also means is a very long, drawn out process.

Job searching can be grueling under the best of circumstances. Don’t make it harder than it has to be by thinking it can’t happen to you. It can. And it often does.

Failing to plan is planning to fail when it comes to managing your career. So now that you’ve read this post, execute one career management strategy, and do it today.

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