Finance Chief Churn

It is an interesting phenomenon … the better the economy, the higher the Finance Chief churn. When the economy is volatile, CFOs and Finance Leaders hunker down to guide the company through the chaos. When the economy begins to improve, those top-notch candidates raise their heads and assess what that next move might entail.

According to the latest report from Crist|Kolder, such is exactly the place we find ourselves currently. Over the last three years, CFO churn at large companies has been steadily climbing.

What does this mean for you if you are anticipating a move in the next 12 months or so?

– Competition for great positions will be even more fierce
– Operational experience will continue to be in great demand
– It will still be challenging to secure the CFO title if you haven’t previously held the CFO title
– While important, industry experience isn’t all that it used to be

You can read my thoughts in my latest column in Futures in Finance.

Finance Chief Churn

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