The 5 Best Things You Can Do for Your Career

Last year I wrote an article for APF Futures in Finance on the 5 Worst Things You Could Do for Your Career. A repost of that article on Proformative in April this year garnered over 11,000 views … a Proformative record.

It also generated a request for a post on the 5 Best Things, which is this basis of this month’s Futures in Finance article.

– Plan well, and plan early

– Position yourself from value

– Build your digital footprint

– Network, network, network

– Reach out to recruiters before you need them

While all five of these tips are necessary, you need to do all of them immediately. It’s a journey to unearth and formulate your branded value messaging. It’s a process to create and expand your digital footprint. Networking, including with recruiters, is a good career management habit. I would encourage you to begin the journey… today!

5 Best Things for Your Career

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5 thoughts on “The 5 Best Things You Can Do for Your Career”

  1. Good one Cindy. I forwarded it to my daughter, who just completed her freshman year at the University of Michigan. She isn’t going to be a CFO, but the principles in this post apply to everyone.

  2. Number 5 is worth a discussion. Recruiters are less inclined to keep databases of potential candidates now they have resourses liked LinkedIn. If you have a relationship with a recruiter by all means keep it active but unless you fit a specific need that a recruiter has at a spefic time they are not going to be interested in you. The best approach is to put your time and energy into number 3 so that when they have an opportunity they will find you. I think a pull rather than push approach will deliver the best ROI in this arena.

  3. These tips are very practical, Cindy. Anybody can apply these ground rules.

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