A Potentially Lethal Mistake in Dealing with Recruiters

I’ve covered this topic before. Probably numerous times. But like the old CPA vs. non-CPA topic, it just never seems to go away, permanently.

Going around a recruiter for a position for which a recruiter has already eliminated you is a really, really bad idea. Despite the fact that you, the CFO Candidate, believe wholeheartedly that you are a good fit for the position and the recruiter is just in the way, the fact is the recruiter is in the way for a reason. The company has put him there to cull the prospects down to a list that includes those holding the minimum requirements set by the company. When you refuse to take no for an answer and choose to go around that recruiter, you may be making a lethal career mistake.

This question popped up on Proformative a few weeks ago, and you can read the question, my responses to the question and various comments, and other expressed viewpoints.

Then today, I saw another post by Liz Ryan that is right on target. While the primary gist of her article is about the arrogance of a recruiter on a panel discussion, she also said this …

Unscrupulous search people are famous for throwing resumes at employers they have no relationships with, just to try and get a toehold.

That’s bad for you, if you are one of the candidates who resume is being tossed about, because once a headhunter puts your resume into the employer’s system that company is obligated to pay him a search fee if they hire you. By arriving through the search channel versus approaching the employer on your own, you become 25% more expensive to the employer (a typical search fee being 25% of the first year’s comp plan). That makes you less appealing for many opportunities, not more!

It’s a sad truth. And, another very good reason to make sure you are in control of your recruiter relationships … and your resume!

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