Recruiter … Linkedin Style

Passive Job Candidates

If you’ve been procrastinating – or even flat outright resisting – creating a profile on Linkedin, I hope you will read, and then re-think, your decision. If you are on Linkedin, but without an actual presence – and there is a big difference – again, I hope you will re-think that strategy after reading this article.

Linkedin Recruiter is a stealth hiring tool that specifically targets passive candidates. Since I believe that you are the most marketable as a passive candidate who is not actively in the job market, here are my top three recommendations for leveraging that positioning via Linkedin Recruiter …

1 – Create a Compelling Marketing Message

2 – Work Your Message Consistently

3 – Building Your Network

Bottom line, you have to play the game in order to win the game! And that game is currently Linkedin Recruiter.

Read the entire article in AFP’s Futures in Finance May 2013 newsletter.

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2 thoughts on “Recruiter … Linkedin Style”

  1. Good advice. I am a “heavy-hitter” CFO in my industry so I don’t get too many calls, which is unfortunate because it my be time for a move. I have a linked-in profile, but since I would be considered a very passive candidate I haven’t really created a “presence”. I’ll have to look at doing something about that in the future. Thanks for the advice.


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