CFOs, Interviews, and Social Media

Imagine that you were finishing up a recruiter interview in anticipation of being moved forward in the interview process for your dream job. It had, in your estimation, gone exceedingly well, and you knew the grilling, I mean interview, was about over. You’re beginning to relax, sitting back in your seat, quite confident you did your best and the end of this interview is in sight.

And then, the final question is lobbed your way … “so tell me about your executive presence online.”

According to one member of the Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG), that is exactly what happened during his most recent interview. Here are his words from that newsletter, quoted with permission …

<<The last question was the one I have not had presented to me before and it was

“Have you always had and do you now have an executive presence on social media?” 

I noted their stares as I responded; of course I have always maintained this.

So note this for your future interviews and discussions so that you are not only prepared to answer but also to ensure you are able to address any deficiencies in your past social media experience>>

Rest assured, the recruiter who asked the question already knew most of the answer because that candidate had already been Googled. The recruiter knew what Google said about him, whether the message was clear or whether it was a mixed message, and how consistent the candidate was about keeping his digital footprint current.

It is quite likely that a recruiter will know that information about you, too, as part of assessing whether or not you’re a viable candidate. So here’s my question … Is your phone ringing?

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